Auditions for Utopia, Limited recording (Centenary Company 2017)

Flower power! Singers wanted for Utopia (Limited) recording

Want to go down (or up) to posterity by giving one of the more obscure Savoy operas a new lease of life?

The Centenary Company in south-east London is making an audio recording of Utopia (Limited), using our own performing edition which was premiered in an acclaimed production at Greenwich Theatre in 2012 - and we're seeking singers to audition for principal roles and join the chorus.

Featuring full dialogue and with orchestral accompaniment, the recording will be made available in its entirety as a special edition of MusicalTalk - the UK's independent musical theatre past, which has an international following. Previously MusicalTalk has featured recordings by the Centenary Company of Ages Ago! and No Cards.

The new performing edition preserves the many successful elements of Utopia (Limited) while addressing its structural and other failings. It is not a rewrite, but rather a thorough but sensitive edit and reordering: 95% of the words remain Gilbert's (including some from early drafts), and all the music is from Sullivan's score for the opera, with only part of one of the instrumental numbers being omitted.

Designed to make the opera easily performable by an amateur society with average resources, it also features a more equal distribution of male and female roles, and less reliance on spectacle (not that the latter will be very noticeable on audio...). We hope that it will prove popular with societies keen to stage Utopia (Limited) but put off by its unwieldiness and reputation, and this recording should bring it to a much wider audience as well as being great fun - do come and be part of it!

The recording will take place on Sundays 19th and 26th November, with rehearsals in the Lewisham/Blackheath area on Thursday evenings from 14th September. Auditions for principal roles will be held on Thursday 28th September; there are no auditions for the chorus. The fee for taking part in the recording is £40, plus a Centenary Company membership fee of £15 for new members.

For more information about the recording and/or the performing edition, please email

2017-09-28 12:00
United Kingdom