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What is the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society?

The Georgetown Gilbert and Sullivan Society is a student organization of Georgetown University Law Center that has been active for nearly forty years. Last season, we had more than fifty active members, including law students, alumni, and community members. GG&SS typically produces three shows during the academic year - a Broadway musical in the fall, a (student-directed) play in the winter, and a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta in the spring. We are funded almost entirely through the student government of the Law Center, known as the Student Bar Association (SBA). The proceeds that are taken in from ticket sales and concessions, as well as alumni donations, are used to enhance our student budget and make capital investments.

What does the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society do?

The Georgetown Gilbert and Sullivan Society performs a great service to the Georgetown University Law Center community. We give tired, frustrated, bored, and overwhelmed law students and lawyers an outlet for their creative energies and talents. Whether they take center stage, run a spotlight, paint a flat, or play in the orchestra, few who come into our family remain unchanged by their experience. Our goals are to inject whimsy, fun, and creativity into a situation that is typically laborious and boring: law school. In more precise terms, we put on musicals and plays and we have a lot of fun doing it. We provide an opportunity for people to get involved in just about any aspect of theater they might be interested in, from acting to singing to dancing to hanging from scaffolding to painting to hanging out at cast parties.

How do I join the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society?

It's pretty easy - just come by and hang out with us. Auditions for our first show of the year are typically during the first week of classes and are open to anyone, no matter what your level of experience. We have a cast-anyone policy for Georgetown students, so there is no way you will be left out if you want to be on stage. If behind-the-scenes is more your thing, new techies, designers, and stage crew are always welcome. Just come by an audition or a rehearsal; we are in the Moot Courtroom (Hart Auditorium) most nights during show season. Or if you would rather, drop us an e-mail ( and someone will get in touch with you.


In February of 1973, a group of students, staffers, spouses, community members, and three professors, brought together by founding student Jack Marshall, sat backstage in the Moot Courtroom, waiting to perform Gilbert and Sullivan's courtroom farce, Trial by Jury. The show had been rehearsed sporadically, amid warnings by professors and students that it was a grievous waste of precious study time. No tickets had been sold; admission was free. Nervously, they waited to see if anyone would bother to come to their show. Six hundred people turned out to watch the performance. They sat in the aisles, on the stage, and on each other. By the finale, nobody believed that Trial by Jury had been a waste of time. Thus was born the Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society, one of the strangest theatrical organizations ever. The society is sustained primarily by law students and lawyers, persons not known for having copious amounts of free time. The Society is truly a law center community group, as friends and family join students, faculty, and alumni in every production. A Broadway musical is presented every fall, a drama/comedy in the winter, and, of course, a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta in the spring.

Maia Falconi-Sachs, President
Hart Auditorium
600 New Jersey Ave NW
Georgetown University Law Center
Washington, DC 20001
United States