The Gondoliers (Trent 2014)

5 Aug 2014

Trent Opera is a firm favourite with Festival audiences winning many awards over the years including the coveted “International Champions Trophy”.    The Company has specialised in staging non-traditional productions of the operas, whilst remaining faithful to both Gilbert’s words and Sullivan’s music.
The Gondoliers was the twelfth opera written by Gilbert and Sullivan and has, perhaps, the most sparkling and tuneful music of them all.  It is a tale of mistaken identity.  Two gondoliers have just got married and are informed that one of them is the King of Barataria.  But which one?  Nobody knows, so they both have to go agree to reign jointly.  To complicate the story further, it seems the King had been married when a baby to the beautiful daughter of the Duke of Plaza-Toro and so it seem he is also an unintentional bigamist.  In true Gilbertian style the true identity is finally revealed and all ends happily. 
This is sure to be an evening of fun and merriment  and one not to be missed by all lovers of music, theatre and operetta.

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