Iolanthe (UMGASS 2012)

6 Dec 2012 to 9 Dec 2012

Director Robyn Tierney and AD Tom Ciluffo join Musical Directors Matt Balmer and Leo Lemery for this traditional retelling of the beloved Gilbert and Sullivan classic that answers the question: "what if fairies and humans crossed paths?" 

Prior to the start of Act 1, the fairy Iolanthe was banished from fairyland for the crime of marrying a mortal. She is pardoned and returns as the operetta begins, but reveals that she has a son named Strephon. Strephon is a half-fairy half-human Arcadian shepherd, and he is deeply in love with Phyllis, the ward of the Lord Chancellor. Unfortunately, due to his lowly rank (as well as the Chancellor's own attraction to Phyllis), the Lord Chancellor forbids them to marry. Things start to look up when Strephon asks Iolanthe for help, but soon get out of hand when some peers (along with Phyllis) see him embracing his mother, the immortal fairy, who looks like a seventeen year old girl. Much hilarity ensues.

The Lord Chancellor: Don Regan
George, Earl of Mountararat: William Babbit
Thomas, Earl Tolloller: Jon Roselle
Private Willis: Jeremy Williams (Phil Rhodes on Sunday)
Strephon: Josh Glassman
Queen of the Fairies: Amanda O'Toole
Iolanthe: Marina Hogue (Ashley Mulcahy on Thursday evening)
Celia: Ali Kahn
Leila: Mary Claire Sullivan
Fleta: Katie Parzych
Phyllis: Alexandria Strother (Christina Swanson on Sunday)

Ladies Chorus:
Kiersten Birondo
Maia Gersten
Karen Graves
Madeleine Karpiuk
Madeline Thibault
Terry Kelly

Mens Chorus:
Alan Wineman
Gordon Barnett
Philip Rhodes
Greg Hassold
Bob Davidsow
Fred Estabrook

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