The Mikado (Lamplighters Music Theatre, 2016)

Lamplighters Music Theatre - The Mikado, 2016
5 Aug 2016 to 29 Aug 2016

In a time when flirting was a capital offense, a handsome wandering minstrel has fallen in love with the beautiful bride-to-be of the recently appointed Lord High Executioner. Chaos, desperation, and comical mayhem ensue in classic Gilbert and Sullivan style, with impromptu marriages, substitute executionees, forged death certificates, and the revelation of a prince in disguise.

With its hilarious plot line, ingenious dialogue, memorable characters and wonderful music, The Mikado is very possibly the most popular musical comedy in the English language. The comic satire of this brilliant work, ever relevant, is aimed at the timeless and universal frailties of our shared human nature. This new production will be moved from the traditional setting of a fictitious Japanese village to a re-imagined Renaissance Italy, the home of rapid cultural exchange, scientific advancement and artistic creativity, the tradition of commedia dell’arte, and the favored setting for many of Shakespeare’s greatest creations. The production will be changed visually to reflect our new setting, and a minimal number of necessary edits will be made to the names and dialogue, but this classic masterpiece will otherwise remain intact.