Patience (G&S Opera Company Chicago 2018)

G&S Opera Company & University of Chicago banner for Patience, 2018
9 Mar 2018 to 11 Mar 2018

Sparkling satire and wit adorn Gilbert and Sullivan’s masterpiece operetta that is a send-up of romantic sex symbols—and the public’s hopeless infatuation with them. But the sex symbols in Patience are poets: the fleshy, doom-and-gloom Reginald Bunthorne and the rustic, idyllic Archibald Grosvenor. Although Archibald has already stolen the hearts of Bunthorne’s female poetry groupies, he has yet to capture the affections of Patience, the village’s innocent and winsome milkmaid—the very same milkmaid that Bunthorne pines for as well! But Patience is not smitten with passions and poetry, and neither are the hopelessly banal Dragoon guards, who must reluctantly become poets-in-training to win back their ex-fiancées from the clutches of aestheticism.

One of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most successful shows of all time, Patience exceeded the popularity (and box office) of HMS Pinafore and The Pirates of Penzance. Featuring a particularly witty book by Gilbert, a delightful soprano ingénue, and some of the most poignant musical moments in the canon, Patience is a brilliant showcase of both Gilbert and Sullivan at the height of their creative powers.

Shane Valenzi, Stage Director
Matthew Sheppard, Music Director

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