Princess Ida (UMGASS 2011)

UMGASS Princess Ida poster
1 Dec 2011 to 4 Dec 2011

This season’s presentation of Princess Ida freshens up the setting and costumes, while being completely faithful to the score and libretto. Instead of setting the show in some indefinite time in old England (or Hungary, as referenced in Act III), we have provided a visual update through sets and costumes. The court of Castle Hildebrand is now a conservative town in western America, and the ladies of Castle Adamant are costumed as iPad-wielding scholars in modern dress, the likes of which one might see on campuses like our own at the University of Michigan. Be assured that we are presenting Gilbert’s dialogue (some of his funniest) and Sullivan’s music (some say his best among the operettas) without alterations. Close your eyes and everything you hear is complete and familiar. Open your eyes and the sets and costumes will help you appreciate all the more the classic G&S score and libretto you have come to love. Join us in the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre early in December to see how the setting and characterizations bring out the cleverness in the text!