Thespis (UMGASS/Small, 1972)

Thespis UMGASS logo
17 Mar 1972 to 18 Mar 1972

In the spring of 1972, under the prodding of the inimitable Gersh Morningstar, those who had been providing casual entertainment became more ambitious and formed an off-shoot company to produce low key shows. They called themselves the University of Michigan Gilbert & Sullivan Society Small Company. This was their first production.

Since most of Sullivan’s music (including Jerry Bilik’s substitutions) had long ago disappeared, Roger Wertenberger was called upon to dredge up applicable tunes from other Sullivan scores. This was done and the Small Company was well received. A year or so later they produced a play: Gilbert’s hilarious Haste to the Wedding.

Soon thereafter, we had a friendly separation and the troupe became today's Comic Opera Guild. Price of admission: “One thin 50 cent Kennedy.”