The Yeomen of the Guard (Trent Opera 2015)

Banner for Trent Opera production of The Yeomen of the Guard, 2015 Festival
19 Aug 2015

The Yeomen of the Guard is set in the Tower of London.  Colonel Fairfax, a gentleman, soldier and scientist, is wrongly accused of sorcery, imprisoned in the Tower of London and sentenced to be beheaded within the hour.  To avoid leaving his estate to his accuser he secretly marries strolling gypsy, Elsie Maynard.  Jester Jack Point is also in love with Elsie but agrees to the marriage knowing that Fairfax will soon be executed.  However, with the help of the Meryll family, Fairfax escapes, throwing the Tower into confusion and setting in motion a number of intriguing plot twists ending in tragedy for one of the players.

The Yeomen of the Guard is deeper and darker than the usual comic Gilbert & Sullivan operas and is perhaps the most emotionally engaging of the canon.  Many consider the score to be Sullivan’s finest.

Trent Opera are firm favourites with Festival audiences winning many awards over the years including the coveted “International Champions Trophy”. The Company has specialised in staging non-traditional productions of the operas, whilst remaining faithful to both Gilbert’s words and Sullivan’s music.  A wonderful evening awaits.  Don’t miss it!