Yeomen of the Guard (UMGASS 2013)

5 Dec 2013 to 8 Dec 2013

Join UMGASS for our fall production of The Yeomen of the Guard!

This G&S classic tells the story of a Colonel imprisoned in the Tower of London, and his eventual escape. Phoebe Meryll, who is in love with Colonel Fairfax, and her father hatch a plan to spring him from his cell and disguise him as Leonard, Phoebe's brother and a newly appointed yeoman. Wilfred, a jailer who is in love with Phoebe is instrumental in their plan. 

But everything changes when Jack Point and Elsie Maynard, two traveling performers come to town. They are approached by Sir Richard Cholmondeley, a friend of Fairfax's, who arranges for Elsie to marry Fairfax before his execution so his estate will not be inherited by the evil Sir Clarence Poltwhistle. Although Jack is in love with Elsie, he agrees, since Fairfax will be dead soon anyway. 

But these two plans can't work together, and much hilarity and confusion ensues when the two plots collide. Our production will be a faithful, energetic retelling of this whirlwind story, and we hope you'll join us in the Lydia Mendelsson Theatre December 5th-8th to share the experience with us!


Elsie Maynard   Imani Mchunu
Phoebe Meryll  Alexa Wutt
Dame Carruthers  Amanda O'Toole
Kate  Allison Prost
Col. Fairfax  Tom Cilluffo
Jack Point  David Andrews
Leonard Meryll  Alex Bonoff
Sgt. Meryll  Jared Hoffert
Sir Richard Cholmondely  Phillip Rhodes
Wilfred Shadbolt  Jeremy Williams
First Yeomen  Lawrence Bryk
Second Yeomen  Patrick Johnson

Lawrence Bryk
Don Devine
Robby Powel
Gordon Barnett
Patrick Johnson
Greg Hassold
Alan Wineman
Jeff Spindler

Paige Martin
Charlotte Darr
Cristina Tamer
Jackie Cano
Clara Ceccanti
Tori Darnell
Robyn Berstein
Maia Gersten

Alex Bonoff
Robert Reizner
Bob Davidow
James Wessel Walker
Brynn Raupagh
Karen Perkett
Fred Estabrook

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Also, please not that ticket sales for any given performance will close online 12 hours prior to the performance, but there are usually good seats still available at the door.

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