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Things are seldom what they seem
Piano is not my strong suit but it is fun to try sometimes
I shipp'd, d'ye see, in a revenue sloop
A sea song segue.....We Sail the Ocean Blue from Pinafore and I Shipped D'ye See? from Ruddigore
Finale Act I
The Madrigal on Ruddigore; it wouldn't get out of my head so one night I listened to it over and over and then picked up the guitar. "Life is Lovely All the Year"!
Join the Houston Gilbert and Sullivan Society for a behind-the-scenes look into the making of our July 2016 production of Princess Ida! Videography: Mark Nickleson, John Gremillion and Martha Taylor. Editing by John Gremillion.

Trial by Jury, adapted from the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta, with Martyn Green. This performance was featured on Omnibus on 4/19/1953.

Go behind the scenes of Odyssey Opera's festival opening opera, Arthur Sullivan's The Zoo and William Walton's The Bear. Learn more ➜

Odyssey Opera presents Arthur Sullivan's The Zoo and William Walton's The Bear at Boston University Theatre. May 22 and 24, 2015.
I am so proud
Ko-Ko receives news that the Mikado has decreed that unless an execution is carried out within a month, the town will be reduced to the rank of a village — which would bring "irretrievable ruin". Pooh-Bah and Pish-Tush point to Ko-Ko himself as the obvious choice for beheading, since he was already under sentence of death ("I am so proud").