About GSOpera

GSOpera is a website dedicated to supporting the production of the operatic works of William S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan. We collect, organize, and share information about companies, productions, resources, talent, and production concepts to support the mounting of live productions of G&S operas.


Opera companies, schools, community groups and societies that produce G&S are listed here with basic information about their history, purpose, productions, and contact information. Logged in users can add a company if the company is not already listed.


Current and past productions are listed by opera, date, performance venue, and with support for poster images/logos, descriptions, cast and staff lists, reviews, accompaniment and style tags, and a photo gallery. Logged in users can add a production for upcoming or past productions that are not already listed.


Performers, directors, musicians, dramaturgs and producers can have a profile page listed here with a profile picture, program biography, and a list of G&S productions worked on. From a Production page, authorized users can use the "Add a Relation" block to assign a Talent name to a character or production role.


Basic information about each of the G&S operas is listed here, including a list of the musical numbers and the characters. These "vocabularies" are used to tag video clips so that you can find specific clips more easily.

Video Clips

GSOpera encourages you to post your video clips to YouTube and then link them at GSOpera. Logged in users can add a video clip then tag it by Production, Company, Talent, Character and Song to make it easier for others to browse or search performance records.

Coming Soon

Discussion forums, resource libraries, audition lists, and a marketplace for collectibles and merchandise are on the to-do list.


Last (and certainly not least), visit the G&S Archive for complete information about the G&S operas, their history, and source materials.