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GSOpera is a featured product of Addison Spencer Consulting LLC, a consulting and design firm based in Washington, D.C.

Specialty: Financial/ERP/Procurement Systems

Addison Spencer Consulting has implemented financial administrative systems for numerous large public sector entities for 20 years. Expertise includes Procurement, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets, and Business Intelligence.

  • We combine deep functional knowledge of the customer requirements, practices, and potential with detailed technical understanding of the architecture and configuration of the systems to be implemented. We enhance training and resource development with unsurpassed technical writing skills, delivery, event preparation, and meeting management.
  • We commit to delivering measurable results, prioritizing strategically important initiatives and following up with the details that position the organization for long-term growth and efficiency.

Addison Spencer Consulting is devoted to transparency, public accountability, and integrity in meeting the customer's long-term needs.

Specialty: Website Design

Addison Spencer Consulting helps companies, organizations, and governments to implement open source websites for both public-facing information as well as internal workplace collaboration.

  • We use Drupal as our main platform for enabling the users within an organization to contribute their own data-driven content, and to filter it for display in views that target the audience's specific interests.
  • We train customers to take over the website maintenance and development on their own so that we are not in the way of the day-to-day functioning of the web domain.

Addison Spencer Consulting makes you a smart, capable owner of your own website that can grow and adapt each year as new needs and new content solutions are introduced.

Specialty: Business and Technical Communication

Addison Spencer Consulting has PhD-level communication talent that makes the most complicated material easy to read.

  • We write proposals.
  • We develop presentations.
  • We write white papers.
  • We prepare press releases.
  • We develop training materials.

Addison Spencer Consulting is unsurpassed in writing quality.

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