Add Company

Logged in users can add Companies and Societies to GSOpera following these steps:

  1. Gather information from the company website: Company name, year founded, address (at least the city), website address, and background on the company. It is also helpful to have an image of the company logo to upload; you may be able to copy it from the company website.
  2. Click on the Add Company link in the Companies menu.
  3. Add the Company name, abbreviating Gilbert & Sullivan to G&S in the title.
  4. Provide an acronym or short name for quick reference to the Company.
  5. Add the address for the company offices or home base, if there is one; at least add a city and country. (Hint: set the country first to get the right postal fields.)
  6. Add basic information on the company in the About Us section.
  7. Add historical information in the History section.
  8. Provide telephone and/or email contacts in the Contact section.
  9. Add any Staff names and roles if desired.
  10. Click Save.

If you have any problems, use the Contact form to explain the problem.