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A new theater experience is coming to Central PA. CHLOE will present the best in well-known, unknown, and soon-to-be-known light opera, featuring new composers and rising singing stars, in fully-staged productions.

Not A Tenor by Libby Moyer June 13 & 14, 2013

A witty and charming operetta like they used to write, with hummable tunes, an absurd plot, and fun for everyone.

Patience by Gilbert & Sullivan June 15 & 16, 2013

How far would some people go to be popular? Find out!


About Camp Hill Light Opera Experience

Euphoria at having her very first operetta produced changed to dejection when informed that she would be excluded from all preparations for the premiere.  Told that if she didn't like it, she should produce her own operas, that's exactly what CHLOE found Libby Moyer decided to do.

Believing that producing a new work should be a collaborative process, especially when the writer is alive and readily available, Libby envisioned a theater experience that would have the composer/librettist working with the artists from the beginning.  Beyond that, it would offer exposure and a quality production to new writers, as well as provide performance opportunities for younger professional singers plus allow them a chance to develop a role with input from the creator.  Each year we intend to initiate a search for a new light opera work, giving audiences a first look at something completely fresh.

Wanting to do things right, Libby figured the only option was to rent a real theater,not a hall or gym, and to hire paid professionals for the leading roles.  Players for featured roles and chorus, orchestra, crew, and volunteers would be sourced from surrounding communities, to create a truly Pro-Am experience and offer not just work for some but a group effort involving the community.

Initially, the organization was called Camp Hill Light Opera Experiment, because all of this is going to happen in a very short amount of time.  While behind the scenes prep has been ongoing for months, the actual reherasal period is very focused and brief.  The chorus will meet beginning in May, but the principal singers will only be in town one week!  Can we put together a memorable theatrical experience in that short amount of time?  Swing by the Pollock Center in June and find out.

Camp Hill, PA
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