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Producing opera
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FORBEAR! Is a brand new theatre company for 2015 and beyond.  Our mission statement is to bring together performers from all different backgrounds; opera singers, musical theatre performers, dancers and actors, in order to produce uniquely interesting and enjoyable productions.  The company is not only a platform through which professionals can display their talents, but also a means by which our participants can learn from each other and grow as performers.

Forbear! Does not believe that professional performers should ever work for free, and that all of their performers should be paid the same, regardless of their experience.  We have decided to set up as a ‘for profit’ company with the intention of being able to pay our performers equity rates within the next few years. We don’t believe that such a thing can be done without great personal risk, but this burden should be shouldered by the company, and not by its performers.  Forbear! Will make theatre until they crumble, lifeless and drained, into the tar pits of financial ruin.  You can help us ensure that this doesn’t happen, and there may be some rewards for those that do…

Forbear! Believes that a healthy and happy working environment along with a strong collaborative spirit produces the best theatre.  With this in mind, Forbear! Will take extremely good care of their performers.  The kettle will always be on, and there will always be an ear to bend in times of worry or stress.  Hopefully the ear will be attached to a live human being.

The industry can be a cruel and unforgiving place to live, which is why Forbear! want to create a warm bubble in which performers feel confident and safe enough to take risks and go outside of their personal limitations. All of our pieces are ensemble-driven, giving no room to negative hiararchical structures within the company. Happiness, friendship, and warmth may not seem the ideal buzzwords for a cutting-edge theatre company, but this little bear has some very sharp claws.

Rachel Middle - Company Director
United Kingdom