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SavoyNet is an international, unmoderated electronic mailing list dedicated to discussion of W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, the operas they wrote, British culture and musical theater of their time, and related matters. The listowner of Savoynet is Marc Shepherd. Send Marc an email if you have any questions about Savoynet. How to Join: Send email to The contents of the email don't matter. You will receive a response asking you to confirm your membership. Then you will receive a welcome message that explains how to unsubscribe or alter your subscription options. From then on, expect to receive anywhere from twenty to sixty G&S-related messages per day from Savoynetters around the world. Posts to Savoynet should be emailed to Savoynet accepts messages from current subscribers only, and you must send your postings from the same email address that you subscribed from. The website, has more details. Savoynet Performing Group: Since 1997, the Savoynet Performing Group has produced a show at the annual Gilbert & Sullivan Festival in Buxton, England. We have produced all of the extant G&S shows. In 2012, we will perform The Sorcerer. Our productions are planned and cast over the internet, with the participants from all over the world gathering to rehearse in Buxton about a week before the show. Although the Performing Group is separate from the discussion list, a subscription to the discussion list is a prerequisite to joining the Performing Group. Email Marc Shepherd for "any further information".

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