Abudah chests

Abudah was the central character in a pseudo-Persian fairy tale by James Ridley, included in his book Tales of the Genii (255). Abudah was a wealthy and charitable merchant whose nights were disturbed: “For no sooner was the merchant retired within the walls of his chamber, than a little box, which no art might remove from its place, advanced without help to the center of the chamber, and opening, discovered to his sight the form of a diminutive old hag, who with crutches hopped forward to Abudah, and every night addressed him in the following terms …” (Her nocturnal castigations admonished him to seek out “the talisman of Oromanes,” which would bring true contentment –– which turned out not to be the case; but we’ve told you enough to explain the term Abudah chest more thoroughly than you really wanted to know.)

Our Abudah chests, each containing a patent Hag
Act I