The Frogs

A witty comedy produced in 405 B.C. in Athens. The framework for the story involves the god Dionysus’s descent into hell to find a competent poet, there being none left on earth. This leads to a comical competition between the shades of Aeschylus and Euripides, each finding fault with the other’s works. This competition inspires much ribald commentary from Dionysus. “The whole is enlivened by the grotesque costumes and the brek-ke-ke-ke coax refrain from the chorus of frogs, whose original habitat was the precinct of Dionysius in the marshes” (105). Now you, too, know something about the croaking chorus from the Frogs of Aristophanes. How many of your neighbors can make that claim?

the croaking chorus from the <em>Frogs</em> of Aristophanes
Act I