Life Guards

Quoting Goodman (142): “One of the two cavalry regiments of the Household Division, the other being the Blues and Royals. They haven’t strictly been bodyguards since the sixteenth century, and if you asked the Queen who her military bodyguard was she would say ‘The Yeomen of the Guard.’ ” Prestige (245) sheds additional light, explaining that the two regiments perform ceremonial duties attending the sovereign on state occasions. They also do sentry duty at Whitehall. He concludes: “Both regiments are very tough soldiers; the officers are aristocratic and wealthy, and are much more than military bodyguards.” Brewer (56) says all these manly fellows have to stand at last six feet tall. Barker (25) adds that they wear a brass helmet, with long white plumes, and a red tunic over which a metal breastplate is worn when on mounted duty. See also Cox and Box.

Captain Fitzbattleaxe’s regiment