There are several possibilities here. The last king of Ireland, Rory O’​Connor, was also known as Roderick. The last Visigothic king of Spain, Don Rodrigo, was the center of many colorful legends, which entered English literature and in which he was known as Roderick. But how many Spanish kings have any clans to lead? The strongest candidate, by far, is Sir Walter Scott’​s Roderick Dhu, of “haughty mien and lordly air.” He was the overbearing Highland chieftain in Scott’​s poem “The Lady of the Lake” (261). Confronting a lonely young Englishman, a rival for the hand of fair Ellen, the lady of the lake, Black Roderick:

Then fixed his eye and sable brow
Full on Fitz-James: “How say’​st thou now?
These are Clan-Alpine’​s warriors true;
And, Saxon, -- I am Roderick Dhu!”

Swagger of Roderick, heading his clan
Act I