HMS Pinafore

Primary tabs

Overture Orchestra
Act I
We sail the ocean blue 1 Sailors
But tell me who's the youth 2a Boatswain, Buttercup
The nightingale 3 Ralph, Sailors
A maiden fair to see 3a Ralph, Sailors
My gallant crew, good morning 4 Captain, Sailors
Sir, you are sad 4a Captain, Buttercup
Sorry her lot who loves too well 5 Josephine
Over the bright blue sea 6 Relatives
Sir Joseph's barge is seen 7 Sailors, Relatives
Now give three cheers 8 Sir Joseph, Captain, Hebe, Chorus
When I was a lad 9 Sir Joseph, Chorus
A British tar 10 Ralph, Boatswain, Carpenter, Sailors
Refrain, audacious tar 11 Ralph, Josephine
Finale, Act I 12 HMS Pinafore
Entr'acte Orchestra
Act II
Fair moon, to thee I sing 13 Captain
Things are seldom what they seem 14 Captain, Buttercup
The hours creep on apace 15 Josephine
Never mind the why and wherefore 16 Sir Joseph, Captain, Josephine
Kind Captain, I've important information 17 Captain, Dick
Carefully on tiptoe stealing 18 Captain, Dick, Chorus
Pretty daughter of mine 18a Captain, Boatswain, Chorus
Farewell, my own 19 Sir Joseph, Ralph, Josephine, Buttercup, Chorus
A many years ago 20 Buttercup, Chorus
Here, take her, sir (cut) Sir Joseph, Ralph, Josephine, Hebe, Chorus
Finale Act II 21 HMS Pinafore