Overture Orchestra
Act I
Twenty love-sick maidens we 1 Ladies
Still brooding on their mad infatuation 2 Angela, Saphir, Patience, Ladies
I cannot tell what this love may be 2a Patience, Ladies
Twenty love-sick maidens we (Exit) 2b Ladies
The soldiers of our Queen 3 Dragoons
If you want a receipt for that popular mystery 3a Colonel, Dragoons
In a doleful train two and two we walk 4 Bunthorne, Angela, Saphir, Ella, Ladies, Dragoons
When I first put this uniform on 5 Colonel, Dragoons
Am I alone and unobserved? 6 Bunthorne
Long years ago, fourteen maybe 7 Angela, Patience
Prithee, pretty maiden 8 Grosvenor, Patience
Though to marry you would very selfish be 8a Grosvenor, Patience
Let the merry cymbals sound (Finale Act I) 9 Patience
Act II
On such eyes as maidens cherish 10 Ladies
Sad is that woman's lot 11 Jane
Turn, oh turn, in this direction 12 Ladies
A magnet hung in a hardware shop 13 Grosvenor, Ladies
Love is a plaintive song 14 Patience
So go to him, and say to him 15 Bunthorne, Jane
It's clear that mediaeval art 16 Colonel, Major, Duke
If Saphir I choose to marry 17 Colonel, Major, Duke, Angela, Saphir
When I go out of door 18 Bunthorne, Grosvenor
I'm a Waterloo House young man 19 Grosvenor, Ladies
After much debate internal 20 Patience