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Overture Orchestra
Act I
Tripping hither, tripping thither 1 Leila, Celia, Fairies
Iolanthe! From thy dark exile thou art summoned 2 Queen, Iolanthe, Leila, Celia, Fairies
Good-morrow, good mother 3 Strephon, Fairies
Fare thee well, attractive stranger 4 Queen, Fairies
Good-morrow, good lover 4a Strephon, Phyllis
None shall part us from each other 5 Strephon, Phyllis
Loudly let the trumpet bray 6 Peers
The law is the true embodiment 7 Chancellor, Peers
My well-loved Lord 8 Mountararat, Tolloller, Phyllis, Peers
Nay, tempt me not 9 Phyllis, Peers
Spurn not the nobly born 10 Tolloller, Peers
My lords, it may not be 11 Chancellor, Mountararat, Tolloller, Strephon, Phyllis, Peers
When I went to the Bar 12 Chancellor
Finale Act I 13 Iolanthe
Act II
When all night long a chap remains 14 Private Willis
Strephon's a member of Parliament 15 Fairies, Peers
When Britain really ruled the waves 16 Mountararat
In vain to us you plead 17 Mountararat, Tolloller, Leila, Celia, Fairies, Peers
Oh, foolish fay 18 Queen, Fairies
Though p'r'aps I may incur thy blame 19 Mountararat, Tolloller, Private Willis, Phyllis
Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest 20 Chancellor
If you go in you're sure to win 21 Chancellor, Mountararat, Tolloller
If we're weak enough to tarry 22 Strephon, Phyllis
My lord, a suppliant at your feet 23 Iolanthe
It may not be 24 Chancellor, Iolanthe, Fairies
Soon as we may, off and away 25 Iolanthe