The Gondoliers

Primary tabs

Overture Orchestra
Act I
List and learn 1 Marco, Giuseppe, Antonio, Contadine, Gondoliers
From the sunny Spanish shore 2 Duke, Luiz, Duchess, Casilda
In enterprise of martial kind 3 Duke, Luiz, Duchess, Casilda
O rapture, when alone together 4 Luiz, Casilda
There was a time 5 Luiz, Casilda
I stole the prince 6 Duke, Luiz, Don Alhambra, Duchess, Casilda
But, bless my heart 7 Don Alhambra, Casilda
Try we life-long 8 Duke, Luiz, Don Alhambra, Duchess, Casilda
Bridegroom and bride 9 Chorus
When a merry maiden marries 9a Tessa, Chorus
Kind sir, you cannot have the heart 10 Gianetta
Finale Act I 10a Gondoliers
Act II
Of happiness the very pith 11 Marco, Giuseppe, Gondoliers
Rising early in the morning 12 Giuseppe, Gondoliers
Take a pair of sparkling eyes 13 Marco
Here we are at the risk of our lives 14 Marco, Giuseppe, Gianetta, Tessa, Chorus
Dance a cachucha 15 Chorus
There lived a king 16 Don Alhambra, Marco, Giuseppe
In a contemplative fashion 17 Marco, Giuseppe, Gianetta, Tessa
With ducal pomp 18 Duke, Duchess, Gondoliers
On the day when I was wedded 19 Duchess
To help unhappy commoners 20 Duke, Duchess
I am a courtier grave and serious 21 Duke, Marco, Giuseppe, Duchess, Casilda
Here is a case unprecedented 22 Marco, Giuseppe, Casilda, Gianetta, Tessa, Chorus
Finale Act II 23 Gondoliers