Benford's G&S Lexicon Entries for Cox and Box

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Colonial Office

This is the ministry that administers most of Britain’s overseas empire. Box’s business there is probably imaginary. Hyder (161), however, proposes that Box is planning to escape Penelope Ann by emigrating.

Cab [A cab’s drawn up at the door!]
Drawing of a Cab

A light carriage drawn by one horse (75).

Twopenny omnibus

Pronunciation: TUPP-enny …

In those days an omnibus was a horse-drawn public conveyance, seating perhaps six to eight inside and about as many on the roof. The fare was plainly marked on the outside. For an illustration see the entry for “Threepenny bus” in Patience.

Brigadier [a note for Brigadier Cox!]

Shortened form of “Brigadier General,” an officer in command of an army brigade. There is a hint here that, in wooing Penelope Ann, Cox may have inflated his supposed erstwhile military rank. Or is this more of Bouncer’s flattery?

Apprize [I hasten to apprize you]


Strawberry mark [Have you such a thing as a strawberry mark on your left arm?]

A soft reddish birthmark, supposed to resemble a strawberry (122). This revelation parodies the melodrama’s common use of a birthmark to recognize a long-lost relation.

[Final Note on Cox and Box]
Sketch of Penelope Ann

So much for the first encore. What to do for the second? Well, since in the normal course of human events all lists end with the letter Z, what better than The Zoo?