Cox and Box/Trial By Jury (Empire Lyric Players, 2016)

16 Jun 2016 to 19 Jun 2016

If you’ve no objection to fun, you’ve been summoned to witness a double-bill that is sure to appeal to audiences of all ages. If we at the Empire Lyric Players are guilty of too many puns in a sentence, we plead that you won’t let that affect your judgement and that you will give us a fair hearing!

On the docket:

· Cox and Box: Two men unknowingly rent the same apartment, never meeting due to their differing schedules. When one takes the day off work, sparks fly and they realize their lives are even more extravagantly intertwined! How will they settle their case?

· Trial by Jury: A rowdy jury hears the case of “Breach of promise of marriage” from the beautiful and sympathetic Angelina… but, is the would-be groom even worth the trouble?

When: June 16, 17, 18 @ 7pm; June 19 @ 2pm

Where: The Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church Theater - 1980 Dahlia St, Denver, CO 80220

Tickets: $15 Regular, $12 Senior/Child @

Interpretative style: