The Grand Duke (FORBEAR! 2018)

15 Jan 2018 to 27 Jan 2018

A Team of nine brave individuals are to present ‘The Grand Duke’ in the Barons Court Theatre, West London, this January.  We will transport you to sunny Bavaria where the beer flows freely, the men wear leather shorts, and the sausage rolls are simply the wurst.  Ernest Dummkopf’s theatrical troupe are preparing to overthrow the miserly Grand Duke, but run into more political problems than they expected.  This opera is often neglected by Gilbert and Sullivan fans and is rarely attempted by professional companies, but its particular breed of silliness combined with some of Gilbert’s more developed characters and a sparkling score by Sullivan makes it a favourite of many G&S performers.  Forbear! Theatre approach the operas in a very organic way in order to get the most out of the text and the music.  Our unique blend of opera singers, musical theatre performers, actors and comedians will make this production one not to be missed.


Ludwig – William Remmers
Ernest – Sam Wright
Rudolph – Roland Harrad
Notary/Prince of Monte Carlo – David Jones
Julia – Rachel Middle
Lisa – Aimee Daniel
Baroness – Isabelle Paige
Princess of Monte Carlo – Joanna Goldspink

Pianist – George Ireland

Chorus of Supernumeraries, Chamberlains and Thespians – William Remmers, Sam Wright, Roland Harrad, David Jones, Rachel Middle, Aimee Daniel, Isabelle Paige, Joanna Goldspink

Stage Director - Rachel Middle

Music Director - William Remmers