Iolanthe (Empire Lyric Players 2017)

23 Jun 2017 to 25 Jun 2017

Tired of politicians and want to see them get theirs?  Want to escape to fairyland?  Why not both?

In Iolanthe, the House of Lords is portrayed as ineffective, privileged, and dim-witted. Sound familiar? Oh, and there are fairies!  Quite a lot of them, in fact.

Iolathe has broken the Fairy Law by marrying a mortal and is banished to live at the bottom of a stream…. which has something to do with the facts that:

  • Young Strephon is in love with Phyllis, but so is the entire House of Lords.
  • Phyllis has agreed to elope with Strephon.
  • The fairies think the Lords are attractive, which is against Fairy Law.
  • The Lords are quite full of… themselves.
  • The Lord High Chancellor hasn’t been sleeping well.
  • and the Fairy Queen does not approve at all…

Come join the Empire Lyric Players in this fanciful tale, full of lively music and plenty of good-natured satire at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theater on June 23 – June 25!