Iolanthe (UO 2011)

17 Sep 2011

Directed and Conducted by
William Remmers

Peter Fancovic

The Lord Chancellor: William Remmers
Earl of Mountararat: Jay Gould
Earl Tolloller: Shawn Thuris
Private Willis: Robert BK Dewar
Strephon: Jonathan Powers
Queen of the Fairies: Cristiane Young
Iolanthe: Emily Geller
Celia: Kelsey Peters
Leila: Eva Parr
Fleta: Laura Yumi Snell
Phyllis: Sheena Ramirez

Chorus of Dukes, Marquises, Earls, Viscounts, Barons and Fairies :
Patricia Gallagher, Emily Groveman, Erik Hanson, Travis Hardman, Donna Palumbo, Jonathan Powers, William Remmers, Philip Sternenberg, Erica Schultz, Alan Smulen, Monica Hershenson Thuris, Frances Yasprica

Runtime note: 
We restored Strephon's song "Fold Your Flapping Wings."