The Pirates of Penzance (BayOp 2018)

Gilbert & Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance present by Bay Area Opera Collabora
9 Sep 2018 to 23 Sep 2018

Our fresh twist on a Gilbert & Sullivan favorite follows young Flora, unfortunately apprenticed as a pi-rate rather than a pi-lot. Once out of her indentures and able to look upon men other than her nurse, Flora quickly falls for the lovely Marshall.

Flora believes that it is her sad duty to exterminate her former pirate comrades, and the Major-General is willing to tell a terrible story to protect her sons from being claimed as pirate grooms.

Just as victory seems assured, Flora finds out about a most ingenious paradox, and her sense of duty is tested to its limit. Who will prevail in the clash between the ever-stealthy pirates and the well meaning but cowardly Sergeant and police? Will Marshall stay true to Flora until they are wed, and even after?

BayOp is excited to present a fully gender-swapped production of The Pirates of Penzance. Let's vary piracy!

Contains such timeless numbers as The Modern Major General Song, Poor Wand'ring One, The Paradox Song, The Pirate King...and many others!
This production is fully staged with a full orchestra.

All tickets are general admission (open seating). The house will open 30 minutes before show time. Parking is available but limited, so carpooling is encouraged.

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