The Sorcerer (Utopia, 2019)

9 Feb 2019 to 17 Feb 2019

by W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan

Spells! Satan! Sandwiches! This show has it all!
When a headstrong man (the tenor, obviously) decides that what the world needs now is love (sweet love), he hires a sorcerer to spike the village's tea with Love Potion #1 (it was an earlier time). Things do not go as planned.
Beautiful music is sung, energetic dances are stepped, and when no Deus ex machina can be found, the Devil is summoned to intervene....

Stage and Music Director:
William Remmers

John Wellington Wells, a sorcerer:
Brian J. Alvarado

Aline Sangazure, a society girl:
Allyson Herman

Alexis Pointdextre, Aline's fiancé:
Luke van Meveren

Dr. Daly, a local priest:
Ben Cohen

Lady Sangazure, a society girl's well-bred mother:
Julia Snowden

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre, a fiancé's wealthy father:
Jack Anderson White

Constance Partlet, a lovesick girl of modest means:
Hannah Madeleine Goodman

Mrs. Zorah Partlet, an ambitious mother:
Sarah Marvel Bleasdale

The Notary, a funny character that appears in operas:
Alan Smulen

Hercules, a sorcerer's apprentice:
Chelsea Rodriguez

Ahrimanes, an incarnation of the devil:

Brenna Helfer (Cover: Lady Sangazure)
Lauren Maxwell (Cover: Constance)
Sarah Kathleen Adams
Juan José López Delgado
Eric Lamp
Anna Milburn
Brett Murphy
Trey Sandusky
Kamala Rose Sloss