We Are All Single Gentlemen (UO 2011)

1 Jul 2011

A revue highlighting the men of Sullivan (...and sometimes Gilbert). Originally performed on March 18th of the same year at the Community Church of NY, this revue was originally presented on the "G&S Society of NY Presents:" banner. When re-incarnated with a slightly different cast and an altered song list for the Gettysburg G&S Festival, the group needed a name, and "Utopia Unlimited" was born.

The original production included: Ray Calderon, Robert BK Dewar, Jay Gould, Erik Hanson, Nathan Hull, Shane Magargal, Jonathan Powers, William Remmers, and Alan Smulen. The pianist was Andi Stryker-Rodda. William Remmers played percussion (snare drum, cymbals, castanets, and triangle) and guitar. Shane Magargal played tambourine. The whole cast played kazoos.

The July 1st Gettysburg performance as Utopia Unlimited (now, Utopia Opera) included: Jim Cooper, Robert BK Dewar, Jay Gould, Nathan Hull, Jonathan Powers, William Remmers, Timothy Schwartz, and Alan Smulen. The pianist was Clive Woods. William Remmers played percussion and banjo. Nathan Hull played tambourine. The whole cast played kazoos.

The program's first act includes hits of G&S that only involve men with one exception: the Plaintiff in "May It Please You M'Lud" was sung by a man.

The programs second act rounded out the rest of the 13 G&S operas and focused on more obscure songs and cut material, in addition to some written without Gilbert. It ended with the duet from Gondoliers being sung as a two part chorus, except the final cadence which was sung in 8-part harmony.

The songs were:
Loudly Let The Trumpet Bray/The Law Is the True Embodiment
If You Go In (March Show Only)
The Soldiers of our Queen/If You Want a Receipt
When The Night Wind Howls
Gently, Gently, Evidently/I Am A Maiden/Would You Know The Kind of Maid
May It Please You, M'Lud
Fair Moon, To Thee I Sing
I Am So Proud
Hereupon, We're Both Agreed
Time Was When Love And I
When A Felon's/A Rollicking Band/With Cat-Like Tread
Society Has Quite Forsaken

Hush! Not a Step! [The Contrabandista]
Hullo, What's That? [The Contrabandista]
The Good Grand Duke/A Pattern To Professors
A Laughing Boy But Yesterday
When Jealous Torments (July Show Only)
Since It Dwelt In That Rock [The Beauty Stone] (July Show Only)
If You Wish To Appear As An Irish Type [The Emerald Isle]
O Make Way For The Wise Men/In Every Mental Lore
With Wily Brain Upon The Spot
My Bill Has Now Been Read A Second Time
Stay, Bouncer, Stay [Cox & Box]
Who Are You, Sir? [Cox & Box] (March Show Only)
The Wind Blows Cold Across The Moor [Ivanhoe]
We're Called Gondolieri