Yeomen (UO 2012)

16 Mar 2012 to 31 Mar 2012

The Yeomen of the Guard; or, The Merryman and his Maid by W.S. Gilbert & Arthur Sullivan THE CAST Sir Richard Cholmondley: Isaac Grier/Alan Smulen Colonel Fairfax: Shawn Thuris/Victor Ziccardi Sergeant Meryll: Jay Gould Leonard Meryll: Victor Ziccardi/Luis Gonzalez Jack Point: William Remmers Wilfred Shadbolt: Robert BK Dewar Elsie Maynard: Julie Diniz/Kelsey Peters Phœbe Meryll: Eva Parr/Danna Pantzke Dame Carruthers: Monica Thuris Kate: Seanna Burke Chorus of Yeomen of the Guard and Citizens: Amanda Baumler, Tatiana Bookbinder, Danielle Marchand, Danna Pantzke, Kelsey Peters, Erica Schultz, Alan Smulen, Philip Sternenberg Directed and Conducted by William Remmers Accompanist: Peter Fancovic Cellist: Jan Roszkowski Staged with abridged dialogue. Free Admission! Donations Encouraged!

Runtime note: 
Included Kate's cut material in act II finale. Performed "I Have A Song To Sing, O!" in original key of D Major. Retro-fit and utilized the Point and Elsie lyrics for "All Frenzied" in the act I finale.