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Name About Role & Voice
Patricia Petiet

Co-founder of Comic Opera Guild in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Choreographer, Soloist; Contralto
Thomas Petiet

Originally director for University of Michigan Gilbert & Sullivan...

Artistic Director, Stage Director, Producer, Soloist
Rebecca Pillsbury

President, Executive & Artistic Director and co-founder of Ventura...

Artistic Director, Stage Director; Soprano
Michael Rayner

See the profile on Michael Rayner at the G&S Archive. He performed...

Soloist; Baritone, Bass-baritone
William Remmers

Founder and director of the Utopia Opera in New York. Baritone,...

Stage Director, Choreographer, Music Director, Arranger, Conductor, Producer, Soloist; Baritone, Bass-baritone
Marti Berg Ritto

A petite 4'11" and 108 lbs - Ms. Berg has performed almost all of...

Stage Director, Soloist, Actor; Soprano
Paul Salter

Paul Salter is a graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music in...

Music Director, Arranger, Conductor
John Savournin


Artistic Director, Stage Director, Soloist
Timothy Semanik Music Director
Samuel Silvers

Sam has sung the G&S patter roles since 1979, beginning at The Barnard G...

Actor; Baritone
Angela Simpkin Soloist; Mezzo-soprano
Anne Slovin

Soprano Anne Slovin most recently sang the role of Aline in the Savoynet...

Soloist; Soprano
Joseph Sorge Music Director
Ted Spencer

Actor, music and stage director, dramaturg. Developed the GSOpera website....

Artistic Director, Music Director, Producer, Performer; Tenor, Baritone
Wendy A. F. G. Stengel

Wendy has appeared in Georgetown Gilbert & Sullivan Society’s The...

Wendy A. F. G. Stengel, Performer Performer; Alto, Contralto
Richard Suart Soloist; Baritone
Michael Swisher

Michael Swisher has performed bass and baritone principal roles for the...

Soloist; Baritone, Bass-baritone
David Tatnall Artistic Director, Soloist; Baritone
Kathryn Tinson Mezzo-soprano
Ken Urso

Ken Urso is a New York City based artist who has served as director, actor,...

Stage Director
Ronald Performer; Alto
Robert Whalen Music Director
Paul Whealon

Director of theatre at Holy Cross High School in Waterbury, CT USA

Stage Director
Oliver White Soloist; Tenor
Joe Carl White Joe Carl White Stage Director, Soloist; Baritone