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Finale Act I
My goodness me! what shall I do?
'Ten Minutes Since', from Hull Savoyards' 2019 production of The Grand Duke
For the first time in their 85 year history, Hull Savoyards present THE GRAND DUKE, by Gilbert and Sullivan
This exciting new setting moves the action to America’s Old West and the small, isolated town of Pfennig-Halbpfennig, led by the intractable and grumpy Sherif Rudolph, the ‘Grand Duke’. A local theatre troupe take it upon themselves to overthrow the despot and replace him with their manager, Ernest Dumkopf, but things don’t go to plan. Instead, Ludwig, their leading comedian, ends up in the role and married to four women at the same time, with hilarious consequences!
Featuring shot-gun weddings, card games and duels at high noon.
Would you know the kind of maid?
'Would you know the kind of maid?', from Jorvik Gilbert and Sullivan Company's 2018 production of Princess Ida.
Mikado Numbers
GSOV presents The Mikado in a brand new production, The Alexander Theatre, 2012.
Kate Amos plays the role of Yum-Yum, with a brilliant cast of singers and musicians. Directed by Diana Burleigh.
Were I thy bride
Kate Amos as Phoebe, sings "Were I thy bride" from Act 1 of The Yeomen of the Guard. 2009
Things are seldom what they seem
Piano is not my strong suit but it is fun to try sometimes
I shipp'd, d'ye see, in a revenue sloop
A sea song segue.....We Sail the Ocean Blue from Pinafore and I Shipped D'ye See? from Ruddigore
Finale Act I
The Madrigal on Ruddigore; it wouldn't get out of my head so one night I listened to it over and over and then picked up the guitar. "Life is Lovely All the Year"!