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Clips of performance filmed on the pond stage at the 2012 Sunningwell Festival
These are clips from the DVD of the performance of Iolanthe in July 2012 by the Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society.
Videography by Alan Lund
CAST in order of Appearance
Celia (A Fairy) Miranda Troutt
Leila (Another Fairy) Annette Dennis
Fleta (Yet another Fairy) Angela Moore
The Queen of the Fairies Alyce Rogers
Iolanthe (A Fairy, Strephon's mother) Rachel Brinn
Strephon (an Arcadian Shepherd) John Brookes
Phyllis (A Ward of Chancery) Hayley Gaarde
Lord Mountararat William J. Darkow
Lord Tolloller James Walters
The Lord Chancellor Dave Ross
Private Willis (Of the Grenadier Guards) James Caspers
Captain Shaw David Means
Fireman Michael Crow
Producer Mike Storie
Stage Director Christine Goff
Music Director Bernard Kwiram
Scenic Designer Nathan Rodda
Costume Designer Candace Frank
Lighting Designer Roberta Russell
Choreographer Christopher Nardine
Sound Designer Patrick André
Full performance of Utopia Unlimited Opera Company's "The Gondoliers."
Society has quite forsaken
When a wooer goes a-wooing
He is ostensibly portraying George Grossmith in the 1953 film "The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan" in a rehearsal of "The Yeoman of The Guard." But this is a glimpse of Martyn Green's highly regarded interpretation of Jack Point.
The law is the true embodiment
This clip of the Lord Chancellor's entrance in Iolanthe captures Martyn Green's performance of the role originated by George Grossmith. It is from "The Great Gilbert and Sullivan" released in 1953.
My name is John Wellington Wells
Martyn Green performs My name is John Wellington Wells from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Sorcerer. This performance is from the television series Omnibus from 1/16/1955. For licensing please contact
I am the very model of a modern Major-General
Martyn Green performs the classic Gilbert & Sullivan patter song "I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General" from The Pirates of Penzance. This performance is from the TV series Omnibus, air date 1/16/1955. For licensing information contact:
Filmed at the 19th International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival, Buxton, England in 2012. Director: Andrew Nicklin with Richard Suart as Rudolph, James Elliott as Ernest Dummkopf, Stephen John Davis as Ludwig, Bruce Graham as Doctor Tannhauser, Donald Maxwell as The Prince of Monte Carlo, Richard Gauntlett as Viscount Mentone, Catrine Kirkman as The Princess of Monte Carlo, Jill Pert as The Baroness von Krakenfeldt, Victoria Joyce as Julia Jellicoe & Victoria Byron as Lisa.